D.I.Y hair and skin care with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an alternative medicine for Indians, rooted with herbs and natural ingredients that are known to cure many diseases. They are also complementary traditional medicines. Not only that, but they also help you to achieve natural glowy skin and healthy hair.



Need a face wash that cleans impurities and clears pimples. Use the blend of neem and turmeric bring together their anti bacterial properties to prevent acne.

Steps to remove pimples/acne and for purifying face:

1. one teaspoon of tumeric

2. chic pea flour/ gram flour

3. honey/ lemon juice/ neem

steps to brighten and detoxify face:

1.  honey

2. brown sugar

3. lemon

A cup of milk with squeezed lemon spoils the milk forming a precipitate that cools the face giving similar results to applying plain yogurt.

The uses of fullers earth: Multani Mitti can decolorise oil and other liquids without chemical treatment


To keep hair healthy: the application of coconut oil the night before washing hair can strengthen the roots of your hair and release excess heat.

Also, the application of Dhathri hair care plus oil can treat damaged ends and help the roots grow as they contain natural herbs and properties that prevent hair loss such as (hibiscus, indigofera, saccharum and more).

Where to find Dhathri hair care plus oil:

1. Vel spices (20 boundary road carrum downs VIC 3201)

2. Online purchase (http://www.dhathri.com/haircare/dhathri-hair-care-plus-herbal-oil)




































































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