In out current society, tattoos are becoming more common and accepted. Many people, from a myriad of cultural and social backgrounds, are choosing to get body art of various shapes and sizes. On top of that, the wide range of styles and techniques available mean that the possibilities of what you can get are endless! That being said, getting your first tattoo can be nerve wracking and a bit confusing so here’s a short guide as to what to expect and how to go about getting tattooed!


  • Style of the Tattoo. There are many options available, ranging from Traditional to Japanese, Realism to Watercolour and anything in between. When choosing the style take into account the placement of the tattoo on your body and the content of the tattoo. Some designs will look better with certain styles than others.
  • Content of the Tattoo. With this there are some things to keep in mind. Firstly, its wise not to go with tattoo trends, as what might be in season this year could well be out the next (e.g., tramp stamps). Secondly when choosing a tattoo its good to think about who is going to see it. Is it a private one that will be covered most of the time? Or is it something that maybe your family or friends will see? If it’s something you aren’t sure you would be comfortable showing your mother, grandmother or little brother, maybe its time to reconsider your design.


When it comes to choosing the artist. I recommend spending time on social media or online looking at their portfolios (collection of completed work) until you find one who most closely matches the design you have in mind. This way you also have an example of their work and know you’re going to an artist who will be able to most accurately reproduce the image you have in your mind.

  • Cost: Tattoos are expensive. The saying “what you put in is what you get out” describes this perfectly. Most artists I’ve personally seen have had rates ranging from 160p/h – 200p/h. But when it comes to something that will be present on your body forever, it’s definitely a good idea to have it done in high quality. Also its good to keep in mind, most places require a deposit when you book your appointment. It’s non-refundable, and confirms your appointment. But this is taken away from the total fee after the tattoo is done.


  • EAT AND DRINK: make sure you’re well fed with lots of energy to last the session; it can be incredibly tiring. Furthermore, make sure you’ve drunk lots of fluids to keep your hydration levels optimal! Also it’s best not to have alcohol in your system, so keep drinking the night before to a minimum.
  • Clothing: wear clothing that’s comfortable to sit or lie down in for prolonged periods of time.
  • Final Design: the artist may have some other ideas with the design, to increase the quality, make it last longer, or ensure that it views as its supposed to. This may include slight changes to the design or the placement of the tattoo. It is good to keep in mind that tattoo artists are people who are exceptional at what they do and have lots of experience. Trust their judgement as artists.
  • Pain: one of the most common questions I get is “do tattoos hurt?”. This is dependent on the person, as well as the placement of the tattoo. There is no real answer to this, everyone has a slightly different pain tolerance. Furthermore, different areas of the body sense pain differently. A general rule though is areas with more fat/muscle hurt less than areas that have less tissue.

That’s about it, hope you found this informative and good luck on all your future tattoos!!


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