Listen to yourself, not what others say..

Todays’ society is full of unrealistic expectations. It gives us an idea of how a perfect girl  or man should be, how they should dress, eat, walk and do and overall be like. It escalates the idea of a perfect human in the minds of younger generation and they follow the monotonous path which is predefined. It gives us an unsure feeling about ourselves as we compare our selves to the models we see in magazines,  but little do we know that these models have been photo shopped and edited into a complete different image from how the model may look in reality.

Its not just through magazines do we face such criticism, believe it or not but most problems we start thinking about ourselves is usually from the people around us.  People talk, and its something humans just tend to always do. No matter who we are we have at least judged someone by their clothing size, sense of style or some thing that may seem peculiar and not quite the ordinary to our minds.

There’s nothing wrong in judging its just part of our human nature, but there are just some people who spread and talk  unnecessary and false accusations about a specific person or persons’ just because of their hate towards that individual. They may start spreading word about that person (which in this case lets imagine its you)  and then it would create a  word of discussion among people. In the end you will come to hear about it whether you like it or not and it will definitely upset you and make you feel more insecure about yourself. You would start to feel anxious because these allegations you have about you are not true. So what do you do when such a situation arises?


IGNORE THEM. You reacting back to these ‘rumours’ will just create more drama and issues. Why react to a rumour that you know is false? if its not true then don’t let it affect you and put you down. Listen to yourself and not what others say and you will surely become a better person both mentally and physically.  People will always talk behind you or say things to stop you from achieving your goals because it is just something that just cant be stopped.  Instead of letting them get to you and trust me i know it will, but  you got to try to keep focusing on just  being yourself and keeping yourself happy.

Some ways that can help you just Listen to Yourself and Not What Others Say:

  • Always keep in mind what your morals and values are and don’t let anyone break them.
  •  Start trying out new things. Get yourself busy so you wont have time to sit and think about the negative things in your life.
  • Ask yourself good questions that help you think positive and give you motivation
  • Start letting things go. If its in the past, try and leave it in the past instead of dwelling on the problem.
  • Just be HAPPY.



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