Loneliness…there is no doubt in my mind that we all fear it.

Some people search for a lover to erase that loneliness. They move from one person to the next in a heartbeat, hoping that person can fill the emptiness they feel inside. You can have a lover, a partner and still feel alone. The reason for this is because you expect them to fill your empty parts and make you feel whole. But they are there to complement you not complete you.

Some people enjoy being alone, introverts they are known as. They would rather read a book in a coffee shop or take a long drive on a scenic route than be surrounded by people. I admire introverts because they like their own company. But don’t be mistaken introverts do feel alone… they do get lonely. If you’re wondering why, it’s actually quite simple… we all crave human connection. It’s human nature, to want to be loved.

I personally feel we will always feel lonely once in a while, but it doesn’t have to be empty and depressing. You need to learn to enjoy the company of yourself. Do all those crazy things! Sing in the car to your hearts content, dance and slide around your house in your socks, binge watch that TV show, go watch a movie alone and cook yourself a feast and demolish it! Until you are happy being alone, you can never be truly happy no matter how many people surround you. Fill yourself with love and happiness before you search for a lover, because they can definitely make you feel complete but the moment they leave you are lonely once again. Don’t allow someone else define you. To feel connected to others, you first need to be connected to yourself.


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