How to make the most of Sydney, Australia

Whether you’ve lived in Sydney your whole life, or are visiting Sydney for the very first time, there is plenty to do. Oftentimes us locals complain that there’s nothing to do, but really, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Here are some suggestions on how you should spend your time in Sydney.

See the Sights – they’re icons for a reason
Harbour Bridge Climb, Opera House Tour31711954_10156352437524948_2589275829586362368_nYou can be a local and still enjoy the beauty and architecture of some of the world’s most famous landmarks. And why stop at just looking? Take part in the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb! You can not only visit the Opera House and marvel at its high architectural sails, and see a performance, but you can also go to a behind-the-scenes Opera House tour, giving you access to the behind-the-scenes world of the arts, including access to dressing rooms and stages. By climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and going on a tour of the Opera House, you can really engage with the landmarks!

Enjoy some Kidult Activities (for when you don’t feel like adulting)
Escape room
, Putt Putt, Flip Out, Rock Climbing, Karaoke, Bouldering
Sometimes, we need an escape and want to do more than just meet our friends for dinner. just want to go back to our carefree days – and who says we can’t? Sydney has a range of Kidult activities that range from a giant trampoline room (Flipout), to Adult Putt Putt in a bar (Holey Moley Golf Club), Karaoke bars, indoor Rock Climbing, and even bouldering centres. You name it! You can jump around, sing, climb things, and play miniature golf – back to being a child again!

Seek Adrenaline
Skydiving, Hot Air Balloon, Bungee Jumping, Rock Climbing, Canyoning, Water Rafting
While Sydney isn’t necessarily known for its adrenaline opportunities, it definitely isn’t lacking in this department! There are so many activities that you can do, that aren’t too far from Sydney! Whether it be Skydiving over a beach, going Hot Air Ballooning, Bungee Jumping, Rocking Climbing, Canyoning, or Water Rafting, we’ve got you covered! Admittedly, not all these activities are exactly IN Sydney, but they’re all close enough to make a day trip! How far is too far for an adventure anyway?

Explore the Outdoors
Horse Riding
, Kayaking, Hiking, Coastal Walks, Blue Mountains, Snowy Mountains, Jenolan Caves or just go for a good old-fashioned picnic. 31727652_10156352421734948_5556281852328673280_n
Sydney is known for its beautiful outdoors. There are some gorgeous mountains, caves, and bodies of water all around Sydney! There are many great places to have a picnic – and if you aren’t motivated to pack your own food and carry around a picnic basket, I have a solution for you – Pop-up Picnic. They’re a wonderful company who deliver picnics to you at a location you choose – complete with picnic blanket and a meal you’ve picked from their menu! If you feel like trying something different, there are plenty of hiking and horse-riding opportunities all around Sydney.


Beat The Heat and take a dip in these scenic outdoor pools
Bondi Icebergs, Bronte Baths, Maccallum Pool, North Sydney Olympic Pool
Let’s be real, Sydney can get really hot in the Summer and that can make it really difficult to go out and explore or enjoy new activities. But don’t let that stop you! In addition to its beautiful beaches, Sydney has plenty of outdoor pools in great locations. Perfect for a dip on a scorching Summer day!   Gorgeous pools in beautiful locations, who could say no to that?


Immerse yourself in the History and Culture
NSW Art Gallery
, Museum of Contemporary Art,, Aboriginal Heritage Tours and Aboriginal Art Museum
Unbeknownst to many, Sydney is quite rich in history. Whether that be our Colonial history, or our Aboriginal history which spans back tens of thousands of years. Sydney has many museums and art galleries that are packed with culture and history! The NSW Art Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art constantly have new art exhibitions on show – and they are both very different from each other! There are also very many other art galleries, museums and also markets all around Sydney! You can even learn all about Australian Aboriginal history by going on the Rocks Dreaming Aboriginal Heritage Tour which is actually guided by Aboriginal Elders themselves! You can also go on an Aboriginal Heritage Tour in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Or if you want to see some traditional Aboriginal artwork you can visit the award-winning Kate Owen Gallery. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to embracing Australia’s rich culture in Sydney!

There’s plenty on offer in Sydney, with something for everyone. Next time you find yourself thinking that there’s nothing to do in Sydney, think again!


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