I know your thinking about Romeo and Juliet, Gabriella and Troy…all those epic love stories when I say the word soul mate. For me though I believe my soul mate is not my lover but my best friend.

My best friend has been through it all, she has held me while I cried shaking uncontrollably, she has held my hair back while I latched on to the toilet after having a little too much and she has been there in my happiest moments, being happier than I am. She has chosen to be a constant in my changing life. I am not saying my partner wouldn’t do the same for me. But the thing about boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife relationships is there is always the fear of breaking up lurking in the back of your mind, “what if they leave me?” But with a friend this train of thought never seems to come into my mind. I expect them to be around, doing that same old stupid stuff with me at the age of 70.

Romantic relationships are built on this commitment; I expect them to be loyal and faithful. Turn around and look at your best mate are they less committed to you? Is their commitment worth nothing? Friendship is one of those bonds we take for granted, it’s not valued as much as it should. I swear I can count the number of friendship-based songs out there with my fingers.

I feel the need to point out to those boys and girls that seem to forget their friends when they start dating. Yes, I understand it all new and exciting, and you want to enjoy those firsts together. But what about that poor friend who is trying so hard to catch up with you? Yes, I understand every couple goes through a honeymoon stage where they basically forget their friends exist. Just because a new relationship comes the old ones shouldn’t be forgotten…

I personally feel there is more strength and commitment in friendship, than there is in any romantic relationship.





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