Dude, you should just buy a normal car

I’ve had a fairly interesting few months with regards to my car. In hindsight, owning this car has never been not-interesting.

As some of you may know – my car shut off on me while driving early last December. Thinking I was simply overworking my fuel pump (something I knew I was doing), I upgraded with an aftermarket unit. After it still kept giving me trouble I installed a fuel pressure gauge, tested the electronics and replaced supporting parts.

Earlier last year – I had to spend months without my car for a similar reason (water jacket failure)

Then, a storm blew off my hail cover, and beautiful old Melbourne proceeded to batter my car with a hailstorm in the middle of summer. Perfect, not only did I break my car – now there are dents all over the aluminium (i.e. pain in the butt to fix) hood and the roof.


As interesting as my series of unfortunate events are – it’s just context to what I wanted to mention in this blog post.

As an enthusiast – I like to complain about my car. But, if there’s something that you care about – or a hobby that you spend unreasonable amounts of money on – you understand that complaining about it is just part of the fun.  I enjoy having my car break on me on some masochistic level – because I get to fix it, and that makes me feel great.

At the time this post is published – the car has a suspected vacuum leak – and the dents from the hailstorm haven’t gone anywhere. But I also have a set of Enkeis and some slick tyres I recently bought, and a whole list of things I want to spend my money on (but shouldn’t). I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to spend my time meticulously working on my car – and you know what; it hasn’t missed a beat.



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