Aditi Makeup

HEY FOLKS! This is the first interview of a series, Dakshata and I (Komali) will be meeting up with multiple south Asian personalities from Australia and around the world, including; MUA’s, artists, influences, entrepreneurs, influences and inspirations, to keep you updated with the happenings in our community!

So we met up with Aditi, a self-taught makeup artist with immense talent based in Sydney, who did our makeup and gave us some sacred tips, and an insight into the life of an entrepreneur. At a young age, she manages to successfully juggle uni, relationships, and a booming business!

As she answered some of our questions Aditi did a contrast of two looks on us, one being a glam look and the other was a daily wear/subtle look, making us look A+.

The most fascinating thing I think we found was the way Aditi (and generally all makeup artists) have the ability to give you EXACTLY what you asked for in a look. We wanted to let the artist decide since of course, most of the time clients ask for certain types of looks and colour schemes. The way in which Aditi immediately adapted to transforming our faces was magical. Giving her absolutely no requests except “glam look” she improvised as she went along, creating absolute magic – it was truly amazing to watch.

While creating the “glam look” which happens to be her more favourable type of make-up Aditi told us that her biggest inspiration in creating her looks comes from the palettes she buys – in her words – “generally the makeup I buy inspires me, all palettes have the neutrals but its the bright colours that really make you think “what can I do with these that make the look creative?” “. But at the end of the day, it’s up to the client said Aditi – we also found out that majority of her clients have requested for the glitter cut crease which has become her speciality! As someone that enjoys experimenting with colours, even she was a bit taken aback when she received a request for a festival look, “It was a first for me but I thoroughly enjoyed creating the look” and when we asked her if she would ever re-create a similar look on herself Aditi added “I’m not really a festival type person but if I was I would definitely go all out, its a lot of fun to do!”

“the most reliable foundation for me would HAVE to be NARS, a lot of
foundations either don’t have a colour range or don’t last very long
but NARS has been my go to even for clients, and for everything else id have to say HUDA BEAUTY and Tarte”

Aditi shared with us that her biggest support system when establishing her business was her family, and despite the minor setbacks of establishing a customer base and gathering inventory, of course she came out strong.

We asked her to share a piece of advice for aspiring MUAs and entrepreneurs to which she said:

do it for passion not for money and believe in yourself 

Managing a business individually is hard enough but Aditi manages to successfully balance a uni degree and a part-time business so we asked her how she did it, to which she replied “right now I’m on holidays so its not really that bad but honestly at times it gets really difficult because clients are usually looking to book in advance – especially with graduations and all and with my uni schedule I’m not sure when I’m free and I’d hate to cancel on clients, but its all worth it in the end”.

As with any entrepreneur, self-taught MUA Aditi aspires to grow her business to its peaks. To reach her ultimate success Aditi has been working hard with clients and a recent collaboration with @thelifeofasocialbutterfly. The collaboration is inspired by the story of Rani Padmavati and is truly inspiring, it showcased an array of talents and uncovered a fresh layer of skills that made us all say WOW! make sure to check it out! Aditi also added that her ultimate collaboration would be with Deepica Mutyala (@deepica on Instagram) a US-based Telugu make-up and lifestyle guru who is an inspiration to many brown girls.

FUN FACT! – We were also enlightened to find out that not only is Aditi insanely talented at making faces look like artworks she also finds a hobby in painting.


Wishing Aditi all the luck! - Komali and Dakshata
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