Seizing Moments..


Can we just take a quick moment to acknowledge how quick 2017 just flew by?

This short post is just a reminder to think back on some of your most memorable moments in 2017. I can almost assure you that those were moments you were completely immersed in – where you just focused on the moment. You weren’t dwelling on the past nor the future, and you weren’t on your phone because you were just too occupied with the present. You were completely emerged with ‘living’. BUT that pause button in life is YOUR responsibility. If you want to truly live, its essential for you to live in the moment. So — this short post is here because i want you to make it a goal this year and to to do more of that — to do more of living. That doesn’t mean you can’t think about the future or the past. It just means you need to stop living in it. You got this.

— “Dont cheat yourself by blazing through life” — (How To Be A Bawse). —

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