New year new you?

Yes, it is that time of year. The time of year where everyone is reconsidering their goals for 2018, their new year resolutions.


Yes, that one day – 1/01/2018 – was so important. When the clock struck 12 it was instantly “new year new you”. From that second on (after the hangover is gone of course), you were a completely new person.

We promise ourselves that it is from that day that we will start fresh, we will improve and better our self. We will let go of our past, and move on. We will achieve the things that we have always wanted. We will perhaps revisit old resolutions and give them a second, third, fourth chance.

Old resolutions

That day, that second, that movement of the clock hands changes everything. Or so we say.

It is the morning of 1st January. You’re slightly hungover, but nothing to stop you from achieving your goals. And yes you’ve done it. You are doing it. A few days pass, a few weeks, and things become lazy. We say, “one day wont hurt”, “I’ll do it from tomorrow”, “there are still 345 more days to go, plenty of time”.

You notice your results are slow. Your belief in yourself lingers and your excuses take the better of you. You begin to give up on those goals. Perhaps it was eating healthy, getting fit, or even pushing yourself a little every day.

You begin to step back into that comfort zone. That safe place.

You give up – “at least I tried, there is still next year”.


Yes, we have all been there, we would be lying to say otherwise. We have given up, we have got lazy. We have told our self it’s not possible.

But it is all possible, and every small achievement is an achievement nonetheless. It is important to give yourself time. Know things come slowly. Certain things take longer than others. Certain things may take longer for you than others. Know you are different and be patient with yourself. Do this and you’re halfway there.

Yes, you will not hit the target every day. Yes, there will be days where you are too busy or tired or simply need a break. Yes. And that is okay. But take another small step, and another and another. Your 5 steps are an achievement. For someone else 38 steps is their achievement. Maybe for another 170 steps is their achievement.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Your achievement is only yours to acknowledge.

Just keep pushing, keep climbing.

Because by trying we fail and by failing we succeed. 



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