Kerala – Gods Own Country

The sounds of the busy streets and honking vehicles, the swaying of coconut trees and the gentle breeze that comforts and welcomes you to a generous place. To the land called Kerala, to the land I have always known as home. It’s almost been two years since I have visited this beautiful place. The place where I was born then raised until infancy. A place that accepts all people despite their cultures and religions, a place that you can fit into, where everyone becomes close to each other in their neighbourhoods and become family.


A place that you would feel like you’re all equal. It truly is an amazing place but it has also been known for its intricate and ancient history. Let me give you an insight on Kerala – God’s Own Country.


Kerala is widely known for its coconuts and vast variety of food and cultures as well as its defined beauty and nature. Kerala is a diverse state in which everyone celebrates each others religious festivities and their way of living. Over the years and still today, Kerala is changing into a developed state.


One of the most common uses of transport is known to be an ‘autorickshaw” in other places its commonly known as a ‘tuk tuk’ and is quite a tourist attraction, as it’s famous for not having a door on one side, not to mention the state of the roads in some parts of kerala making the ride just the more ‘bumpy’ and adventurous.

So that’s a little wrap up of Kerala. I honestly could keep talking on about all the land and history, but you would probably just not to be able to finish reading this article. But trust me it is one of the best places to be.


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