5 ways to update your look: New Year, New You

If you are like me, then every New Year starts off with heavy nostalgia, cake and the sudden urge to completely change my look. The entire New Year period is always the most hectic time of the year because so much needs to get done and there’s hardly any time to put in any deep thought about getting a makeover.

To make the process easier, I’m gonna show you 5 easy ways you can update your look this New Year.

Keep reading on to know which way I used on myself to update my look for the New Year.


The easiest way to completely change your look is by changing your hair. Hair frames our face so even the slightest change is easily noticeable and effective.

The easiest, fastest and least expensive way to change up your hair is by experimenting with different hairstyles. If you usually wear your hair in a ponytail, try switching to a half-up-half-down hair-do or wear your hair down. If you’re a guy, parting your hair differently or styling it differently will do the trick.


If you’re looking for a more drastic change, get a new haircut or go the extra mile and colour your hair. A new haircut will instantly freshen up your look and a new hair colour can add dimension to your face. If you’re not into a high maintenance look, get highlights, balayage or ombre done. These won’t require you to go to the salon every few months as your roots can grow out and blend with the rest of the colour.


The same way that artists express themselves through art pieces, you can express yourself through makeup. Only here, your face is your canvas! Experiment with your makeup look and try to switch things up by trying different techniques, styles, colours and products. If you usually wear heavy eye makeup, try a bold lip while toning down the eyes to bring emphasis to this feature. Play around with your makeup and try to use different colour combinations. If you’ve never contoured and highlighted, this is a good time to try and bring dimension and shadows in all the right places on your face.


If you have no idea how to change your makeup technique, the best thing to do is watch tutorials on youtube. Pinterest also has great hacks for getting the techniques right easily.


If you’re a boy and you’ve never worn makeup before, forget the gender stereotypes and get a sheer foundation and try it on your skin. Getting a flawless look isn’t just for girls, is it.


Having a good skincare regimen can work wonders for your skin. The first step is knowing your skin type. Whether you are normal, dry, combination, oily or sensitive, if you upgrade your skincare routine, you’re in for amazing new year ready skin.

Don’t know you skin type?

Click here to find out.

The change is not instant and will not be as drastic and obvious as the others, but sometimes simplicity and subtlety has its own beauty.


Everyone has their own style that they portray through clothes. If you experiment with various colours, combinations and pieces, you will portray a completely unique and new style. If black is your go-to choice of colour when choosing an outfit, steer out of your comfort zone and try a new shade. Wearing a new colour or style will completely refresh your look and style. If you’re really looking for a complete style overhaul, revamp your wardrobe by getting rid of pieces you rarely use and replacing them with fresh new pieces. You can go for statement pieces that can be paired with classic styles, or stick with the basics and layer them together for a more chic and sophisticated look.



Accessories complete your look and give it an extra edgy feel. If you love sunglasses, try buying some new pairs and playing around with some new shapes and colours. Aviators and round frames are classics that flatter all face shapes and skin tones. Blue tinted and rosy lenses on sunglasses complement South Asian skin tones especially well. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try coloured contacts to give your face a subtle yet noticeable change. Jewellery such as earrings and bracelets can also help you accent your new look and make it complete.


If you’re wondering which way I used to update my look for the New Year:

It was Hair.

I got a new haircut with layers and face framing bangs and I also lightened my hair and got a balayage done to completely change my hair look

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So what are you waiting for? Use these tips to freshen up your look this new year.

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